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Anaheim Bathroom Remodeling

Completely transform the comfort and value of your home with professional, high-end, and affordable bathroom remodeling.

modern, high-end bathroom remodeling

At OC Home Remodeling, our Anaheim bathroom remodeling professionals create attractive, high-end guest and master bathrooms that perfectly suit your home and personal style, delivering high-end finishes at an affordable cost.

As a custom luxury bathroom designer, we focus exclusively on creating relaxing, private spaces for you to not only physically clean your body but also to clear your mind from the stress of life. Whether you desire a clean and modern, Victorian, vintage, eclectic, or ultra-luxurious design style, we incorporate your unique ideas and needs into an attractive design and actionable plan.

With 25+ years of experience creating high-end, luxury interior designs for celebrities, trendsetters, and professionals that want an elegant and tasteful place to relax, you can be confident in selecting OC Home Remodeling as your Anaheim, CA bath remodel and design experts.

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Bathroom Remodels Customized To You

When working with many Anaheim bathroom remodeling companies, your consultant is typically a salesperson- not a designer. They usually arrive with bags of samples of every product imaginable, expecting you to review, select, and essentially create your own design. Anyone who has visited a decor showroom or tried to work with a remodeling company in the past is familiar with how overwhelming this approach can be.

attractive custom bath and shower

At OC Home Remodeling, our consultant is your bathroom designer. Our primary goal is to determine what elements are important to you, how you utilize the space, your desired functionality, what you like and don’t like about your current bathroom, and what you envision the ideal bathroom for your home to be like. We consider the rest of your home, your overall design aesthetic and style, and use all of that information to create a personalized, specific design that reflects everything we have learned about you.

Only then will we present you with samples for your review, and these samples will be hand-selected to fit your design and preferences. We want to make the remodel process as easy as possible, and our decades of design and remodel experience have shown us that this is the best method for providing an outstanding customer experience with finished results that our clients fall in love with.

Guest & Master Bath Remodels

Whether updating one space or many, our bathroom remodel professionals are here for you. We can create cohesive guest and master bathrooms or update individual spaces as your needs and budget allows.

shower and bath remodel

Remodeling multiple spaces at one time, especially cohesive spaces such as multiple bathrooms, allows us to not only save you money on design, but also on sourcing the products needed. By purchasing in larger volumes to accommodate bigger projects, we can get bulk pricing on many of the elements we need to make your space your own.

If you are ready for a master bathroom remodel, you may find that updating your guest bath, half bath, or even laundry room with similar elements can be faster and more affordable than starting the process again down the road. Our Anaheim, CA bathroom remodeling experts will provide you with all of the options available to you and create a quote for both your initial project as well as any additional spaces you would like to modify.

Complete Bath Remodeling

Here at OC Home Remodeling, we both design and deliver high-end, affordable bathroom remodels that completely transform the look, functionality, and your happiness with your living space.

custom bathroom tile remodeling

Our Anaheim bathroom remodeling and design professionals completely handle all aspects of your bath renovation project. As interior designers first and foremost, we unify all the individual elements of your bathroom into a cohesive, polished space that is fit for the cover of a magazine.

It is challenging for a homeowner to select cohesive tiles, countertops, cabinets, paint, and soft furnishings that complement your space and work well together for an attractive, professional finish. On top of that, the retail cost of products and the hassle of selecting qualified installation experts to complete the job often makes renovation a much more complex and expensive project than it has to be.

Avoid the common pitfalls homeowners face during a bathroom remodel with qualified, experienced support from OC Home Remodeling. From providing a comprehensive design plan that is perfectly suited to your space and needs to partnering with well-respected providers and craftsmen, we ensure that you get an attractive finished space that is ready for you to enjoy at a price you can afford.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Anaheim Bathroom Remodeling oc home remodeling logoWith OC Home Remodeling, you can rely on our Anaheim bathroom remodel and interior design professional. We conceptualize a complete design that suits your style, needs, and budget and convert that design into reality.

A professional interior designer can provide value and benefit to any homeowner looking for a smart remodeling solution, not just celebrities or the ultra-wealthy. A dedicated bathroom design professional can capture your vision, consider your preferences, and create an actionable design that perfectly suits the personality of your home.

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