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Fountain Valley Kitchen Countertops

Eye-catching and dynamic, your kitchen countertops can be a real showpiece for your home. As a central gathering area, the style and design of your kitchen should reflect your personality and meet the needs of your family.

black and white marble kitchen countertops

At OC Home Remodeling, our Fountain Valley kitchen countertops and cabinetry professionals deliver functional kitchen designs that capture the essence of your home. As designers, we understand the beauty of natural stone granite and marble countertops, the rustic functionality of butcher block counters, and the modern, clean style of new composite counters.

We view your space, discuss your ideas, and include complementary, show-stopping kitchen counters as part of your complete design. If you are looking for countertop replacement only, our talented designer can help you determine the perfect material and color to update your space, as well as recommend other low-cost design adjustments that add a whole lot of value and appeal.

With 25+ years delivering high-end, luxury home design to celebrities, trendsetters, and busy professionals that want an elegant, tasteful place to relax and call home, OC Home Remodeling is your Fountain Valley, CA kitchen countertops, cabinets, remodeling, and design experts.

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High-End Kitchen Counters

While kitchen countertop selection may seem like a relatively straightforward decision as far as all of the design elements that come together to create a cohesive design, there are actually many more options for not only the type of material, but also the style, color, thickness, bevel, and overhang.

luxury kitchen countertop remodel

First, it is important that we consider your use and desired maintenance levels. While some materials can be used to create incredibly attractive, high-end countertops, all of these products require different care and maintenance to maintain their original beauty. The level of use and wear your kitchen experiences, whether you are a daily home chef or an occasional entertainer, will impact which countertop is right for you. Our Fountain Valley kitchen counter professionals help you determine the ideal countertop for both your desired design aesthetic and intended use.

Popular kitchen countertop products include granite, marble, quartz, and composite/solid-surface materials that are relatively easy to maintain while providing an attractive finish. Less traditional countertop materials could include tile, concrete, glass, or even certain types of wood to provide a completely unique, one-of-a-kind space.

Our kitchen countertop specialists will discuss the options available to you, consider the overall design of the space and what materials will work best for your needs, and make recommendations that fit your budget, space, lifestyle, and design preferences.

Countertops for Bars & Islands

Beyond standard cabinet countertops, we can also replace your island countertops or even create new island or bar spaces.

kitchen counters for bars and islands

Is your current kitchen lacking in counter space? Are you looking for a creative way to incorporate seating to improve the entertaining value of your kitchen? Want to add a cozy reading nook, other integrated shelving, desk area, or mini-bar?

Whatever your preference, we can design and deliver your dream kitchen, including the impressive, cohesive, and eye-catching countertops that are the icing on the cake. We can create unique overflow/waterfall style countertops, cohesive backsplashes, even floating countertops that make your space truly stand out as one of a kind.

As your Fountain Valley kitchen countertop professionals, we ensure that the kitchen design and all elements we are delivering are not only perfectly suited to your style, space, and budget, we also ensure that every element works together as part of your total cohesive design.

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Fountain Valley Kitchen Countertops oc home remodeling logoWith OC Home Remodeling, you can rely on our Fountain Valley kitchen countertops and remodel professionals to deliver attractive, functional, and affordable spaces with a high-end style that fits your lifestyle, budget, and family.

Our professional interior designers provide high-value and many benefits to any homeowner looking for a smart remodeling solution, not just celebrities or the ultra-wealthy. We capture your vision, consider your preferences, and create an actionable design that perfectly suits the personality of your home.

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